Natural Coffee

Natural Yirgacheffe

This Natural Yirgacheffe coffee is juicy and richly sweet. The flavors of summer, mandarin orange, lime, and raspberry lemonade, come in with a subtle peachy floral.

Natural Sidamo

The cup is cherry, chocolate, and dense with fruit-forward notes of fresh berries and lemons with a rich orange.

Natural Guji

This coffee from Ethiopia’s Guji region strikes your palate with an aroma full of sweet fruity flavor and honey undertones. It has strong berry aromatics with lemony acidity and lingering aftertaste.

Natural Harrar

Ethiopian Harrar coffee is a wild and exotic dry processed (natural) Arabica coffee that is bold with complex and spice tones that may include cinnamon, cardamom, and a lingering finish.

Washed Coffee

Washed Yirgacheffe

The environment of Yirgacheffe’s forests provides, developing floral characteristics, articulate sweetness, and sparkling acidity.

Washed Sidamo

This washed Sidamo is high-quality coffee with flavors like sweet lemon, floral and pleasant citrus notes

Washed Guji

Washed Guji tends to have well balanced tropical, peach, sweet, mango, cherry flavor.

Washed Limu​

It has its own special genetic profile and its own unique cup profile, which is like a smooth red wine, an elegant coffee.